The Book

A courageous, true account of the loss of love over the course of a 23-year interfaith and interracial marriage. Beatriz is a young, spirited Brazilian woman who dreams of opening up an English language school in her home country. She comes to Canada to improve her English where she falls in love with and marries a young Muslim refugee. Although there is love in the beginning, it soon becomes apparent that Beatriz cannot live up to the religious, cultural, and traditional expectations of her husband. She had married the man she loved, but at what cost to herself? Only decades later would she realize that the love she thought would save her had become the weapon that nearly destroyed her.


About Helen

Helen Dantas was born in Brazil. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and Portuguese languages from the University of Belo Horizonte. After finishing university, Helen immigrated to Canada. This is her first book, written from an immigrant woman’s point of view in a simple and truthful way. Helen is pursing a career as a writer, public speaker and translator.




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